6 comments on “Ann and Andy are off travelling

  1. Mother….. you like to think that everybody thinks your too old and mad…… but no one else does.

    Enjoy your trip.



  2. Maybe MAD , but not too old! We’re just jealous you have the guts!!! Hope you make friends with ze Frogs…
    C & S XXX

  3. 3rd attempt! Don’t know what I’m doing wrong (me & technology…). So I repeat:
    MAD maybe but not too old! Hope you get on with ze Frogs (some of zem are ok!). C & S XXX

  4. Having moved into your flat I envy you both. I’m sixty seven and all my three children suggested a similar venture. Never too old. When you start thinking like that – well don’t. Enjoy the unexpected. Maybe a book one day from you both. Will definitely get out there one day to visit. Kind regards. Paul

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