One comment on “Decisions, decisions!

  1. lovely to catch up with you. loved the human towers and have sent your pix to my 10 year old grandson to whom I am trying to sell the idea that there is more to life than just shinning up the nearest lamp post! (how about Everest or something?)

    just got back from six wonderful weeks in USA, East to West and then North to Vancouver and thence Alaska. fit as a flea all the time I was away, returned to ten days’ jet lag and have now sprained my knee. so much for being absolutely wonderful for 75, but do not let on!

    good to know you are sacrificing yourself to the pleasures that Spain has to offer and hope your Spanish is proving useful personally I only found it useful in laundromats in USA! but am rejoining Spanish group at Ropetackle Fridays and we are hoping to get Margarita back ultimately.

    we are going to miss you big time in the Autumn. keep on with the blog and much love and good wishes to you both. onwards and upwards (or something). love from Marina.

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