2 comments on “Sunday Morning

  1. Mmm…… Mossies….. Funny to hear mother attracts them, in our family it’s me, and Sveta barely gets touched. I was wearing a strong repellant in Maine, as there were plenty of them up there, particularly in the forest walks, but I would not suppose you’d want to do this long term. I would spray in the inside of the caravan thoroughly every afternoon to set them back a bit.

    Next weekend we’re driving to hot springs in Arkansas. Its the state immediatelt to the north but its still going to be a seven hour drive. We will stop in some hick place half way to rest on Thursday night. Actually I expect Sveta will do most of the driving as I tend to fall asleep really quickly on the boring interstates. I’ve booked the famous hotel in hot springs, the Arlington, Al capones favorite hortel apparently. They seem proud that the last four presidents have stayed there too, and have a Reagan, Clinton room etc.
    love roger&sveta

  2. Hello Ann and Andy. Well the blog does read well. You are certainly getting used to the life out their. Andy, I may have made a mistake about Findon going up. Goring failed to, and I’m sure now that Findon did not succeed. Anyhow, it’s the return of football now. Do fancy a trip out to Australia to watch the Ashes. Don’t think it will be that easy for England. I’ve done a few paintings, and started a portrait class. Good discipline. Hope you are getting you’re mail OK. I drop it off regularly at the address you gave me. Where will you over-winter? Sorry to hear about the car. at least it wasn’t too serious. No more dents in the caravan I hope. Like to see some of Ann’s paintings. With regard to midges; a very good secret is to use ‘Avon Skin so Soft’. Known to the Scottish fishermen on the lochs as a good deterrent. . Kind regards. Paul

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