One comment on “The Villa

  1. Glad you found somewhere to live at last. It sounds really nice. Hopefully by joining the Spanish classes you’ll make some local Spanish friends. You don’t really need to practice your english within the ex- pats’ community, do you?? What does one do in winter Xalo except for having tapas with a glass or two of vino?
    We are both fine in Houston. Just came back from our Arkansas trip. It was ok, but the hotel was more of a museum than a hotel. In fact it reminded me the hotel from the movie ‘Some like it hot’ especially the lifts! They also had those old TVs with a long cathode at the back! Quite funny really! We took a boat trip one night which was the highlight of our stay there. It seemed to us that we were the only ones on board without any specific reason whilst the majority of the passengers turned up to celebrate something or another!! The food was better than we expected and the wine was fine too. It also happened that there was a documentary film festival happening so after the boat trip we went to see a film about massive killings that were left unpunished in Indonesia during the 60s. It was interesting if a little disturbing
    Hopefully you are settling down nicely in your new home.
    Roger and Sveta

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