3 comments on “Settling in

  1. Hello Dear Both!! Full of admiration here, for you daring to live the dream!! The temptation to pack up and come over right away is almost overwhelming…but Dad coming out of hospital this week and many more hospital runs ahead.
    Are you spending Christmas there?
    Missing you both, L & K

  2. Dear both! Glad that things are getting sorted out around your home. The house does sound a bit chilly though… we’ll make sure to bring plenty of wooly socks! We didn’t quite understand why you can’t practice Spanish in Spain?!. Do they speak some sort of dialect where you r or is it english? We are also enjoying a cooler weather over here in Houston. I am sure your eating and drinking well is compensated by plenty of walking, hiking and swimming!! Besides, they say a Mediterraneanian diet is jolly good for you! So enjoy!!

    • Around Barcelona and Tarragona they speak Catalan and around here they speak Valencian both of which are nothing like the Castillian Spanish we learned! Apart from that they speak very fast.

      On top of that around 40% of the population seem to be English ex-pats enjoying a sunny retirement. However, we have our first Spanish lesson here this afternoon.

      Temperatures very high again, we had breakfast outside on the patio in blazing hot sunshine. Lovely!!!

      You will need your walking boots. You will love the mountains.

      Love Mum

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