3 comments on “A big sigh of relief.

  1. Best wishes to you fro Oslo. Now snow yet, but minus 1 and dark from about 3.30 pm. It is lovely to read your messages, many years since we met and I still do my job as a headteacher.. So Friday night is nice, just relaxing in front of the fireplace in our sittingroom. Enjoy your Spanish life, I love to read from your new experiences. We keep in touch!

    🙂 Bjørg in Oslo

    • Hello Bjorg
      How lovely to hear from you! So you are still working hard. I often think of the wonderful times we had together when I came to your school in Oslo.
      We are also sitting in our lounge in front of a log fire. It is pouring with rain outside. The weather here is very strange. We had our breakfast outside in the sunshine this morning because it was warmer outside than in the house. I hope one day we will meet again. You can come to visit us in Spain if you like, but hurry, we will be on the move again in June!

  2. Having a great time here in New Zealand. currently in Christchurch with John meeting Katelyn his 9 Year old daughter take a look at the video !the weather is wonderful . Nell is here as well.
    Sounds great where you are, good that you are singing and Ann is painting.
    I am home at the end of the week where is it going to be cold and Christmas ! But I am looking forward to seeing Christie, Autumn, and Madison .
    Lots of love Jan

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