2 comments on “Still busy

  1. Well, you are livin’ the dream!!! It’s great to hear you are having such a fantastic time….after years of ups and downs.
    You’ll be glad to hear that ‘Miseryboots’ up the road from us, who has made life so uncomfortable for Simon and Pam’s neighbours (don’t know their names) have sold up and moved on! Quite a surprise…no signs it was for sale until the sale agreed board went up!
    Jay is off to Cologne with Stevie tomorrow for the weekend ‘Christmas shopping’, soooo hard-up! Rosa breaks up from school tomorrow. She’s been struggling on, poorly, for weeks now, so hope the break will get her back to normal. Jolyon home Christmas Eve night, and staying til New Year’s Eve! So looking forward to having him around again. I really hope to have a break from the parents, to visit him in Bristol soon after Christmas.
    We had a lovely evening last weekend for K’s birthday dinner. Everyone home for roast venison, and just birthday cake for yesterday. Not quite 5 courses in Spain…but…
    Really pleased to hear you’re feeling a bit more relaxed about Nicky and the children. Sounds as if she is much more settled now.
    Do have a fab Christmas, if you wake up in time! Looking forward to seeing you in 2014.
    Love from us all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Pleased that you have discovered ‘Panis Angelicus , we did this in Minehead mvc , as you say its beautiful

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