One comment on “Spring on it’s way?

  1. Happy New Year to you Both!

    Not sure about spring being on it’s way.the weather here has been foul, foul and foul; sunshine for only 2 days since the shortest day, to break up the driving rain and gale-force winds. Ferring beach has been scoured back to the chalk bedrock!

    We had a grand Christmas, and lovely New Year’s Eve. Went to a New Year’s Day party yesterday, with friends who’ve come home for 3 months, from Granada, because it’s too cold there! The temps were down to -7.but they are high up.

    Hope our weather cheers up a bit before your visit!

    See you soon,

    L & K xx

    Lorraine Gibby inspired Jewellery

    Mettle Studios

    Roundstone Bypass


    West Sussex

    BN16 4BD


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