2 comments on “Fame at last

  1. well, lad, you may think it is your territory but it seems very close to Slough territory and we may have to have an international conference about it. my Dad was MD of Hoad and Taylor builders in the Carfax in Horsham for many years, but died in 1964 although the business remained in the family. maybe my Dad knew your rellies….

    we had a Spanish lesson at Ropetackle today. Matt was ticked off by Sarah for being rather a loud speaker, so I hope the writing is not on the wall. we are struggling with the preterite and none of us is putting up a brilliant performance though of all of us Theresa and Rob are pretty au fait. they are off cycling on their electric bikes in N. Spain next week.

    miss you both and the fun we had in Margarita’s class when you were here. see you have both retained your excellent sense of humour. some of us are going to a Spanish weekend in July near Swindon, and Richard Durrant is coming to give a concert while on his biking, playing tour (see his website). have fun all summer. love from rosie ps have one for me!

  2. Hello Rosie
    Andy reckons it’s almost certain that our relatives knew each other. That practically makes you family!
    A Spanish weekend in Swindon! That’s novel!

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