2 comments on “This was not part of the plan

  1. Well Ann you look very healthy and love the tan, I had left a reply but your server said it could not be sent due to problems (it was not rude) so here I go again…….
    I as from Monday will also be indisposed being horizontal for a few days following my operation in WG hospital, it will be my first time with the NHS so it will be interesting to say the least , I am sure that I will have first class service.
    You have time now to finish that interesting jigsaw and reflect on your latest adventure and plan your next move, here in the UK we are at the start of some good weather with a hot 7 days promised so hope it us the proper start to our summer.

    I hope that Andy has built up good relations with the choirs and that one day a twinning visit can be made.

    Best wishes
    Bernard and Pat. X

    • Hello Bernard and Pat

      Thank you for your kind wishes. I can think of worse places to be laid up so things are not too bad here.

      Good luck with your operation. I am sure you will be well cared for.

      Best wishes Ann and Andy

      Sent from Windows Mail

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